Counter Fraud Treasure in Italy

Italy is a country of many treasures, among those rare finds, on a smaller scale than the Colosseum and Roman Forum, is a street named after one of the most significant, and my personal favorite, criminological researchers, Cesare Beccaria. Imagine my excitement when I unknowingly stumbled on this street in Rome. So what exactly does my find have to do with counter fraud? Everything! The principles of classical criminological theory revolve around rational choice, that is, individuals make rational decisions to commit or refrain from criminal activity. Cesare Beccaria, from Milan, was at the forefront of this perspective and added significant insights into this theoretical mind-set. In my op

How do we Measure our Fraud Problem??

No, this is not a contemporary backgammon set, but instead a measurement tool that I found tucked away at a castle in Switzerland. Why it this significant to us in counter fraud? Based on the research currently in circulation, my specific research as faculty for Colorado State Global, and consultations with dozens of companies, one of the most significant challenges facing our industry is the relative lack of awareness of the fraud problem. That is, there is no universal or consistent measurement of fraud, which makes it difficult to accurately measure and report on the problem. As an industry, on a global level, we do not have one specific agency that collects fraud data; each insurance com

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