Technology Revolution

Fast forward 1 year-where will technology take us in the financial services sector? I am asked quite often to speak on the topic of technology and where these incredible advancements will lead us in a few years. When we look at the current landscape there is no doubt that our industry is moving into a data centric environment, where carriers that leverage and manage technology and data will undoubtedly advance to the forefront. Consider some very disturbing statistics I heard while participating at a recent educational conference in Washington D.C. Several leaders from prestigious universities such as Princeton and Penn State were sitting on a panel discussing the job market and our futu

Bad Faith and Lady Justice

Statutes of Lady Justice are visible throughout the world, including this beautiful representation I found in Rome, Italy. Lady Justice and the meaning behind the symbol is very significant in the academic world. When I wear my hat as a college professor or as Program Chair, I ensure that the concept of Lady Justice is a consistent theme of my work. The blindfold often seen shielding her eyes represents objectivity before the law, the downward facing sword signifies punishment, and the scale in her left hand is meant to illustrate the weighing of evidence. As counter fraud professionals, do we feel that fraud is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Let’s discuss. Very often, fraud c

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