Dr. Fraud Bio

J. Michael Skiba, known as Dr. Fraud,® is an international expert on economic crime and has been referred to as one of the top crime fighters in the world. He holds an MBA and a PhD with a research focus on fraud and economic crime and is considered one of the leading researchers in this area. He has been a college professor for more than fifteen years and currently holds the role of Department Chair of Criminal Justice at Colorado State University Global. In this leadership role, he oversees the university’s bachelors- and masters-level criminal justice department, including specializations in Fraud Management, Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Criminology, and Forensics. He is also asked to lecture on economic crime at universities around the world, including recent sessions in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and South Africa. 

Dr. Skiba’s background in white-collar crime spans a twenty-year time frame, which began at Allstate Insurance, continued to Interboro Insurance, and led him to his current role as an international consultant. He is currently consulting with INFORM, an international cybercrime company, and holds the position of Vice President of International Counter Fraud Strategies, where he oversees and manages the development of global counter fraud programs. During his career at Allstate and Interboro, he held many positions, including Senior Claims Consultant, Special Investigations Field Investigator, Analyst, and Major Case Coordinator. He was also extremely active in the industry and was Vice President of the International Association of Special Investigative Units, President of the New York State Chapter of Special Investigative Units, member of the Insurance Emergency Operations Command, and board member of the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services-Motor Vehicle Theft and Insurance Fraud Board.

As a consultant, he has assisted dozens of companies and agencies develop extremely successful counter fraud programs. He is a highly sought-after speaker on the topic of insurance fraud and regularly provides training at conferences and to corporations and agencies, including recent engagements throughout the United States, Austria, Vancouver, Sweden, London, and Brazil. He was also the keynote commencement speaker at the 2016 graduation ceremony for Colorado State University Global Campus and at the 2018 graduation ceremony for Bryant and Stratton College. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) regularly calls upon him to train special agents and prosecutors on fraud and economic crime. In addition, he has performed numerous TV and radio appearances, where he is asked for his commentary on economic crime issues. Dr. Skiba provides a unique perspective on fraud, one which integrates both academic and industry knowledge.   

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