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Cyber Awareness Training

  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of businesses experience a cyber-attack.

  • The average cost of a data breach is a whopping $9.48 million!

  • 98% of cyber-attacks involve social engineering, implying employees are the weak link!

  • EDUCATION is the key! Don’t let your employees be that weak link and come train with Dr. Fraud, named the #1 cybercrime trainer in the world by the United Nations.

  • Join the thousands of members of the Dr. Fraud Academy and make your organization unhackable.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training Programs    

  • Ensure that when your employees are faced with sophisticated social engineering attacks, they can read the clues and keep your organization safe!

  • The Dr. Fraud Academy specializes in the most engaging on-line, self-paced, and live training sessions in the world.

What’s available in a training package:

Self-Paced Online Training. Access to dozens of Dr. Fraud Academy’s 100% online, self-paced courses. These highly engaging courses range in length from 10 minutes to 60 minutes and are housed in the Academy’s cutting-edge learning platform. They can be taken from any device and even on the go! Refer to a sample course list below. 

Advanced tracking and reporting of training. We will do all the hard work for you and generate customized reports and analytics on user activity (attendance, time spent etc.) in training courses. We will also issue training prompts; we will monitor, “chase”, and remind employees who have not taken the appropriate training as outlined.    

​​Live Courses. Access to quarterly, live, online sessions on hot topics such as AI, hot hacking trends, workshops etc. Dr. Fraud has helped over 700 organizations in 102 countries create unhackable organizations; all of the that deep level and trending information is brought to you—live! 

​Monthly Dr. Fraud hot tricks and trends. A monthly quick-hit email will be sent to employees with the top cybertrends. This has been proven to keep cybersecurity awareness “top of mind”.  

​Quarterly newsletter. Learn the top trends in cybersecurity and awareness including current threats, statistics, vulnerabilities, best practices and much more.       

Course List

  • Cybersecurity Foundation—what are the core elements of strong cybersecurity.     

  • Why do Hackers Hack?

  • Psychology of a Scam.

  • Anatomy of a Phishing Attack.

  • Social Engineering—how do they do it?

  • What do the Hackers Want?

  • Cybersecurity Hygiene.

  • Share Aware and Social Media use.

  • Case Studies—where have we lost.

  • Password Vulnerabilities.

  • Working from Home-threats from within.

  • Wi-Fi and other “Public” Threats.

  • Employees on the go-threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Email and Internet usage.  

  • Cybersecurity-what are the hot threats and trends—from AI, bots etc.

Click here for your free cybersecurity threat questionnaire (5 questions) and we will get back to you within minutes with your customized training plan and pricing.

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