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The Gold Small Business Package includes all of the training that will help a consumer reduce their threat level and become less vulnerable to fraud and scams. 


The package includes the following:


The package includes access to all of the following 7 classes:    


1) DFTGCN500-Cybercrime  

2) DFTGCN505-Insurance Fraud

3) DFTGCN510-Body Language  

4) DFTGCN515-Product False Advertising, Food Fraud, and Prescription Misrepresentation   

5) DFTGCN520-Imposter, Email, and Robocall Scams  

6) DFTGCN525-Psychology of Fraud  

7) DFTGCN530-Travel Safety 




Dr. Fraud Newsletter-Consumer Small Edition (Published every other month).  Learn the hottest scams and prevention to keep you and your family safe and yuor threat level low. 

Gold Consumer Package-Dr. Fraud Training Group

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