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The Gold Small Business Package includes all of the training that will help a small business reduce threats and vulnerabilities, which results in a safer and more profitable workplace.


The package includes the following: (#3 and #4 are benefits offered above what is in the Silver Small Business Package).   


1)  7 courses from the Dr. Fraud Training Group:  

* DFTGSM400 - Cyberfraud, * DFTGSM405 - Insurance Fraud, * DFTGSM410 - Body Language, *  DFTGSM415 - Workplace Safety and Violence, * DFTGSM420 - Internal and Employee Fraud, *  DFTGSM425 - Psychology of Fraud, * DFTGSM430 - Fraud Prevention.


2) Qualify to take the Certified Fraud Prevention Specialist (CFPS) certification exam. Upon successful completion of the courses and the exam, a CFPS designation will be awarded.   


3) Dr. Fraud Newsletter-Small Business Edition (published every other month). Learn the hottest scams and prevention to keep you and your organization safe and your threat level low.


4) Admittance to the bi-annual, live, one hour Dr. Fraud webinar presenting the top scams, tips, tricks to develop strong counter fraud strategies.


Gold Small Business Package-Dr. Fraud Training Group

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