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What we do! 

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Dr Fraud TV Host, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Soccer Coach 



Consulting services are available on a domestic and international level. Dr. Skiba has experience consulting in  counter fraud, risk assessment, security,  vulnerability, investigations,  business and corporate development, and much more.  



Dr. Skiba is available for speaking engagements on a domestic and international basis. Speeches can be scheduled for any length and location. Dr. Skiba has extensive experience speaking and keynoting at conferences, conventions, industry meetings, and kick-off corporate events and has worked with audiences of all sizes; even crowds of 8,000 + individuals.



Training sessions can be scheduled on an domestic and international basis with sessions ranging from one hour to several weeks. Dr. Skiba also has the ability to conduct training on a virtual basis using conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype and others. This can save significant cost for you!

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  • Psychology of Fraud

  • What Makes Fraudsters Tick

  • PsychTech --Psychology of Technology (Fraud Focus)

  • How to Hack a Human. Why are all Humans Vulnerable?   

  • Why People Cheat 

  • The Power of Fraud Persuasion: How scammers use psychological tricks to manipulate  

  • Corporate and Occupational Fraud

  • Finding your Risk: Performing a Successful Vulnerability Assessment

  • Clamping Down on Fraud


  • Psychology of Success 

  • Comtech-Communicating Effectively in a Technology World

  • How to Create an Agile, Innovative Organization by Outrunning a Bear 

  • Inside the Mind of Your Audience

  • PsychTech --Psychology of Technology

  • PsychCom-The Psychology of Communication

  • Finding Your Inner Fastball 

  • What’s Your Brand? 

  • Master the Stage!

  • Communication Book Camp  

  • Hitting the Bullseye    

  • Leveraging the Power of Social Media  


Consulting Workshops   

  • Financial Crime Awareness

  • Risk Assessment

  • Security

  • Social Engineering

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Investigations

  • Cybercrime Strategies

  • Counter Fraud Strategies 

  • Ethics and Honesty  

  • Communications Assessment-Social Media,  Branding, and        Communication Styles 

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Brief Client List:  


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