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Welcome to Dr.!!!

Welcome to Dr.! I am extremely excited to launch this website along with my recently published book, “The Psychology of Fraud”. My excitement is at a paramount as both of these projects took many years to complete. My idea for this monthly blog is to serve the economic crime community well and provide an area of information exchange from many perspectives in this field. I am planning to leverage my academic, investigative, consulting, domestic, and international expertise and develop blog posts that are directly from the “front line” of economic crime. I am hoping to share the exciting experiences of my global travels to this audience in the hopes of creating an even stronger and well-informed counter fraud community. One of the most significant insights I have gained from looking at this crime from such a global level, is that white collar criminals are drawn to the weakest link in a system; that is, those areas that are the most vulnerable. White collar criminals are very similar to certain animal predators that focus on the weakest members of a herd, as they are the easiest to conquer. Most predators will shy away from direct confrontation if an appearance of strength is emitted.

I am really looking forward to sharing this journey with you and look forward to tons of great exchanges and interaction!

--Dr. Fraud


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